Ideas for Coaching Your Sales Team

Sales team coaching. One of the many roles that you as a sales leader have on your plate is the role of coaching. You know you have strategy, you have marketing, you have accountability, you have sales role producing results. But coaching is really critical, because when someone call you on the phone, says okay here’s where we are what should I do? what would you recommend? SO you are really in a coaching role. There three ideas to kind of get you moving down the path to better coaching.

First thing you need to be able to do, is help a sales person dissect their deal. Dissect the deal is the approach of understanding where they are and what to do next, in the sales process. Let me give you one tap on something you can do that’s very elementary but it’s amazing how help infrequently we see it happen. Is just have your sales person recap how they got there. Have them verbally tell you; “Okay will tell me about the situation, what was the first call like, how did you get invited in”. Just have them go through it, what happens when you have them dissect the deal, is some things will become very apparent, not just to you but also to them. Sometimes they have to work through things and when you start to hear them. Talk about the deal therein some very obvious pointers will happen, so there’s all sorts of more to this, but dissecting the deal sometime just a matter of having your sales person tell you how they got there.

Number two. Deal with inner blocks. And inner blocks is what we will call the inner game. It’s the mentality of the sales person. There’s not a sales problem that can’t be solved by looking at the inner game. The inner game is the original of all sales problems. Where your sales people feel comfortable calling, how your sales people feel comfortable talking about price, how your sales people feel about calling on the CEO, how your sales people believe in their message in the value your organization offers. Many times the problems in sales start here. So you can even ask the question when you’re with your sales team either as a group or individually, “Tell me about your mentality”. Because if you start to hear the sales person says; “You know Mr. Manager, I really want this business, I really need this business, I gotta make a house payment this month”. The sales people tell you that, but they might feel desperate. What they feel desperate you get that vibe. Guess what, our customers getting that vibe too, so you want to deal with the inner blocks.

Number three. If you haven’t already do some kind of a personality test or assessment. Where you can find out a some kind of quantifiable in mathematical legitimate assessment of their personality. Some people are very ambitious people, their drivers using the desk goal which is what we use but get into there. Start to find out who do I have on my team. And sometimes what happens is you’ll realize that you’re trying to get a person to drive and get deals. Go out and make calls and that’s just not a personality. And if you keep bumping up against that, then no amount of coaching or advice is going to work for them. So I would suggest you assess all of your people’s personality, you can buy test for fairly expensive today but just get a sense of who these people are. I would also encourage you to assess for values. What is that motivates them, what inspires them, what drives them. Because a lot of times they say, use a sales leader will be giving advice that they can’t even literally here because their personality is not matched up to that. So if you start to coach your people and run into a little difficulty try these things, if you don’t want to buy the personality assessment just at least try these two things we are talking them individually.